Friday, June 29, 2007

The dog ate my wedding invitation

Oh, if only I were joking. After months of planning and printing and cutting and coordinating, I have so far put together a grand total of ONE wedding invitation. And then the dog ate it.

Molly seemed awfully quiet for an awfully long time this morning while I was working in the office and she was downstairs alone. So I went to investigate. And I found that, despite months of not destroying anything (other than a stray receipt the other day, but I don’t count it) and the fact that my one done invitation has been at a reachable level for her for about two weeks, Molly decided to go to town on it today. And now it’s in pieces. I told her that was her invitation and since she destroyed it, she’s not going to know where or when our wedding is being held and therefore, is no longer welcome to attend.

The larger problem is the fact that I started counting up all the pieces of the invitations yesterday and found I’m 10 or 20 short on the paper that is the basis of the whole thing. So, um, I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that. Do you think people will mind taking a look at their invitation and then passing it on to their friend? My mind has been cranking through the options and I think the best idea is to purchase some paper that will definitely be different than the two others I already have (which is no longer being produced or, at the least, is not available anywhere in the two states I’ve checked). So there will be three versions of our invitations, including the one I’m going to call “my favorite” and the one I’ll call “second best” and the one I’ll call “oh crap, I didn’t have enough paper so if you’re getting this one you should know you are still invited, but are not among the people who must be there or I’ll die. But, you know, it would still be nice to see you again.”

I will not tell which is which, but SJ should rest assured she’s getting the first one, especially because she just called to tell me she’ll be over Sunday to help assemble the invites. That has put her so far up in the “my favorite” category that I’ll have to handwrite one and have it delivered by a singing telegram guy on a white horse if she does one more thing to help with this wedding.


sj said...

i was considering using that excuse for a shower, but now i can't.

"KAT's dog ate my invitation..."

it's so done.

anywhoo- i'll be there with bells on to distract molly from eating any more paper products that are meant to herald the news of your nuptials.

Chris said...

That is disastrous.

I like the idea of gold, silver and bronze invitations though, to give people a sense of worth (or lack thereof).

I pity the person that gets the wooden spoon with "we're getting married" written on in biro.

Molly said...

That Molly is so naughty!! Hopefully you won't be sending any of the third invites out to anyone who reads your blog!

sj said...

so KAT pretends to be all "oh i don't care what they look like" and laisez faire about her invites, but when push comes to shove, she totally cares if you accidentally glue the front of one invitation upside down or you perhaps goofed and put the monogrammed c upside down.


(actually, there was a moment of terror when i thought i had maybe accidentally glued the c's upside down and i made the future MIL go back and check them just in case. does that make me a bridesmaidzilla?)

KAT's little sista said...

I had better get one of the "best" invitations...that's all I have to say!

Anonymous said...

I could always send SJ's nephew E over to help you Kat... ;-)