Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Too hard… too soft… oooh, just right

(get your head out of the gutter, I’m talking bedding here, you pervert!)

Another way to tell I’m a grown-up and no longer the vodka-guzzling, fun-loving, all-night partying young’un I used to be: I’m really excited about our latest purchase of a queen-size bed.

I mean, drinking with my friends, meeting guys in bars and staying out until dawn are fun and all, but they no longer compare to the fact that I own a real (very expensive), plush mattress and mahogany-color, real wood sleigh bed. And did I mention it’s queen size? Because between my ability to sprawl, Molly’s ability to creep up between us and take up more room than something that’s only 15 pounds ever should and the Pretend Husband’s ability to not be able to sleep if he doesn’t have three empty feet of mattress on either side of him, we weren’t lovin’ the full-size mattress any longer.

The argument swayed between getting a king size bed (but it’s king size! Plenty of room for everyone! Molly can have friends over to sleep with us!) and a queen (but it will actually fit in our room! And we’ll still be able to have a dresser in there!), but the queen won in the end… and I chose the queen-sized mattress.

So the mattress gets delivered Saturday and the sleigh bed gets delivered… um, well, sometime after we actually order it. The PH wanted to hold off on ordering it until we actually ordered the mattress just in case I was going to magically change my mind (and the dimensions of our bedroom, which is cute and all, but would have been literally a room for only a bed while we would have had to hike across the hall to the spare bedroom in order to get dressed in the morning).

So we spent two hours in the mattress store last night, hopping from bed to bed, getting some sort of scan done that told us– surprise!– the best mattress for us is the $3,100 one and explaining why I didn’t like almost every mattress we tried (too soft, too firm, um, I don’t know, it’s just not comfortable).

And I learned a lot about our relationship. Like, how easily the PH is swayed by a sales pitch (but he says it’s much better than the S-brand mattress, so it must be true!) and how easily I’m not swayed (I got the guy to admit he used a “top down” approach where they have you try one of the most expensive, most plush mattresses first so the cheaper stuff doesn’t seem as comfortable). I consider it a victory that I got the guy to admit to his sales techniques.

But I guess he still won because we spent a little more than we had planned on. But it is a really, really comfortable mattress we’re getting, and we do have a new headboard to go with it (haven’t had one since I lived at home as a teenager) so maybe we all won this one in the end (except maybe the PH since he didn’t get his king-sized mattress, but then again, he does get to sleep with me every night and I’d say that’s the best prize of all).

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