Friday, June 08, 2007

sj is having so much fun today

sj is having a blast today. why, you ask? because sj has been referring to herself in the third person today. so fun! in fact, sj may start calling herself sj mcsjpants.

so it all started when one of sj's co-workers (not a particularly popular one) set up her out of office message to refer to herself in the third person. so it read something like:
* marie will be out of the office until 6/15. if you need to reach her, you can reach her on her cell phone.

it went on, to mention her name twice. (her name is not actually marie. sj changed it to protect the innocent, or not so innocent, but a little odd and out of touch with technology.)

but ever since we made this discovery, sj and her coworkers have spent the entire afternoon speaking in the third person. it is actually much more challenging than you may think. try it for a day.

oh- and side note. paris should be in jail.


Molly said...

Ned does that all the time! He hasn't realized that when I say "who does mommy love?" or "who is mommy going to spank for being so naughty?" that he can say "me!". Instead he just answers "Ned".

KAT said...

KAT doesn't think Marie is the only odd one in your office! But KAT thinks SJ has a much better handle on technolgy that Marie probably does.

And if you think that's hard, try doing the "unshun, re-shun" thing from "The Office" to your Pretend Husband all evening. KAT thinks it's funny, but challenging.

That's all KAT has to say for now.

Lisa said...

You are all talking like Elmo. (Sesame street) heehee.

How funny.

Anonymous said...

OMG Lisa that was so funny!!
ELMO!!and SJ KNOWS Elmo.... he he he

That is a cute story.

Chris said...

Chris would try this at work, but his colleagues might shun him even more.

Chris also notes that Paris has found God in Jail. He discussed it with his girlfriend, Juliet, who wondered what He (God, not Chris) was doing in there.

Cbris loves Out-Of-Office on Outlook. He always sets it to read "please contact [insert name of random colleague he wants to piss off here] with any queries, large or small."

Chris is very popular at work.