Thursday, June 21, 2007

if i didn't eat the ice cream, and You didn't... then we must have a burgular in our house

so last night i'm about to get ice cream, and ask my husband where it went. he looked at me all surprised and said "i thought you ate it."

"no, no i didn't."

"yes you did. you had some before bed." now, i did actually, but i only had some - not the entire rest of the carton.

this went on for a few more minutes. in fact, my husband swore so ardently that he did *NOT* finish the ice cream that we came up with the obvious solution that someone had broken into our home to eat our ice cream. in fact, the person must still in fact be there. so this led to the inevitable search of the basement and second floor.

it was okay though, because we still had a brand new pint of ben and jerry's to tackle. so i had a little scoop of that on a wafer cone, and all was well.

and alas, we didn't find the ice cream burgular. or KAT in the closet with the ben and jerry's, which j now informs me has also gone "missing."

hmm. wonder if we'll ever solve this mystery.

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FunnyGal KAT said...

Oh my gosh, let me know if you find the burglar! He's been robbing my freezer for years!

I am so disturbed by what happened to you that I think I'm going to go drown my worries with a big bowl of mint chocolate chip.