Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just chillin' with my homies

Now that I've recovered a bit from our crazy trip to Vegas (are there any other kinds of trips when it comes to Vegas?), I thought I'd fill in some of the details.

Following my friend's wedding and dinner, she asked a bunch of us to meet her at one of the clubs in the Wynn, one of the swankiest hotels on the Strip. We got in line and then started talking to the guy in charge of "The List" just in case she had called ahead.

And she had. He told us she had a table reserved and that 10 people could go in with her, but it was a two-bottle minimum and the bottles ran from... get this!... $450-$1,200!!! Perhaps you grew up in somewhere a lot more metropolitan than I did (I still remember when my town got its first stop light), but I actually recoiled when he said this and gasped, "Does the bride know about this?"

The bride did know about this and had made it a part of her wedding festivities. So we skipped the line and headed into probably the most posh place I will ever hang out.

You know who else skipped the line? That celebrity I alluded to and his wife and I guess what was his posse. His name? Ice-T. (And yes, his wife really is that well-endowed.) I actually ran into him (not literally... although that's not such a stretch when you're talking about Gracie McGracefulpants over here!) outside the bathrooms, but we couldn't find him again after I grabbed the bride and my camera to try for a photo. Oh well.

I heard Bo Duke was also at the club that night, but didn't see him (or I did and didn't realize it because I had no idea what he looked like).

We wrapped up our day at about 2 a.m. and headed back to our cut-rate hotel to sleep off the festivities. You know, the average Sunday night for this Funny Gal!


Molly said...

Vegas is such a party town, I don't know how anyone could live there but it really is fun to go and visit. I live in the northern part of Nevada and took my parents there one year - it is an 8 hour road trip through the dusty desert and some God awful towns where you know that cousins have no choice but to marry! Glad you had fun and celebrity spotting is always a bonus!

sj said...

yikes, Molly! that sounds like the kind of trip where you may roll up your windows in certain towns and pray to goodness that you make it through without having to stop....