Thursday, May 17, 2007

it's a twister, auntie em!

nothing says warm spring days in New England like a tornado.

yes, i said a tornado.

wednesday, as the heat and humidity sank in around southern Connecticut, where i work, we started to hear rumors of threatening skies. threatening skies meaning.... tornadoes. i'm from very hilly new england, where we don't *have* tornadoes. in fact, i don't even know how to spelll it. e, or no e?

no idea.

regardless, everyone was in a tizzy. i admit, i did get nervous when i saw the warning. at the time, we did have a huge pile of granite sitting in the driveway, which, under the wrong circumstances could turn into a pile of dangerous small and possibly lethal projectiles. very scary.

but alas, we managed to get through it with minor wind damage and i heard that there was a bit of a run on canned goods. which always makes me laugh. because really, if the heavens are going to open up and you're going to baraged by fierce winds, is a can of peas really your best option for survival in a tornado? i suppose it would be if it were *really* heavy. it could act as a kind of anchor, really.

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