Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hyper McHyperpants strikes again!

The Pretend Husband has been fighting a cold (and losing) all week, and was completely exhausted last night. So exhausted that he tried to sneak upstairs and go to bed without my knowledge. Perhaps because he anticipated what would happen next.

After noticing he was gone, I tried to tempt him back downstairs with ice cream then finally went up to join him (after the television show I was watching ended because, you know, I have priorities… which are mainly ice cream and television). I’m sorry, but I have to be kept up for a few nights straight (like, say, during a trip to Vegas) for me to even fathom going to bed at 8 p.m.

I guess I could have gone back downstairs and left the PH to a good night’s sleep, but– let’s be honest– that’s just not me. Instead, I started pulling stuff out of boxes (good news, my passport isn’t expired, I found the key to my lockbox and Molly the Peekapoo looks great in a tiara!). I found a list of quotes that my family assembled during holidays together (a favorite was my dad’s comment while helping both teams during a game of Cranium: “I’m the answer slut!”) and the book of quotes the PH and I have been keeping from the beginning of our relationship (most of which may or may not be pretty R-rated, so I’ll spare you the details).

The PH was a good sport about having to listen to the quotes again. And he gets extra points for going along with my pleas to re-enact his proposal after I found the box my ring came in (“No, then you got down on one knee… get down on one knee! Then you said… do you remember what you said? Say it!”)

But he drew the line at the in-depth discussion about what makes people cheat and what kinds of things lead to the demise of marriages. You know, those sort of light discussions that are just perfect for right before bed… especially when you’re under the weather.

I finally let him turn out the light at 10 p.m. after he admitted Molly’s the cutest tiara-wearing dog he’s ever seen. Boy, do I make that guy earn his sleep!

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