Thursday, May 03, 2007

How you can tell I have no children

in the spirit of the recent posting by KAT, here are some things that i've learned (from others pointing it, usually) that gives away the fact that i have no children.

1) my car still smells like a new car.
it's not very new. in fact, it's got 17K miles on it and i bought it in November (brand new. i know. i don't know why i drive that far either to get to work), and it still - faintly to me - smells like a new car. i learned this from a friend who has children... and from another friend who told me that he recently disposed of a taco that he found in his backseat - and could not remember last eating taco bell.

2) i wear a lot of pointy high heels.
this one i heard a few times. i do wear a lot of pointy shoes, and they are difficult to walk in, and if i were to kick something - like a ball (i would never kick a child) -- it would leave a bad mark. in the case of a ball, it may actually pop it.

3) i recently purchased a TMX elmo.
hee hee hee. happy birthday, baby e! (don't worry, anonymous -- i'll bring your motrin)

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