Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How hard can this parenting thing be?

So I figure having Molly is great practice for someday being a parent (sooner rather than later if I have my way… and not in at least 10 years if the Pretend Husband gets his way). I mean, I’ve had to get used to not leaving her alone for more than eight hours and I’ve learned to check and make sure she has fresh water before I leave the house. Which I assume is exactly what you have to do with babies (at least until they’re tall enough to reach the sink themselves).

While I’m still not happy about having to get up early everyday, having Molly is good practice for the time when I’ll have to get up with a kid, take them into the backyard to pee and put their breakfast down on the floor of the kitchen (I’m just kidding about that one. They’ll be allowed to sit in my lap and eat off my plate just like Molly does).

And I’m sure kids love to be scratched behind the ears and have a toy thrown across the room for them to fetch. And then every night, we can have the kid jump up on the bed and stretch out between us.

Sounds easy enough to me. All you parents out there, is there anything I’m missing?


Anonymous said...

I had a dog first as my first 'child'.... yea if it was ONLY that easy.
When would you like to babysit E???

Molly said...

You are obviously coming down with something and must have a high fever as you seem completely dilusional! Or would you rather me say "yes yes, it is just like that" to make you feel better?

BTW, I am potty training Ned and the day care workers complained that he went outside, pulled his pants down and pooped, so I guess children and dogs are very similar! I was just impressed he pulled his pants down first!