Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Sweater 0. Address Labels 0. Molly 104.

Dear Molly and Bailey,

Perhaps your parents have not been clear enough with you about the story of Christmas. We’ve probably been too focused on the “Christmas story” about the birth of Jesus and have forgotten to tell you the important part– the story of Santa Paws.

You see, every Christmas, Santa Paws visits all the good little dogs and little cats in the world and leaves them presents. If the dogs and cats have been bad, they get things like “time out” and “the day spent in the bathroom” instead.

Which is why it’s important that you two start shaping up quick! Santa Paws is almost here! So no more pulling ornaments off the tree and eating them, Bailey (even if they do taste good). And Molly… Molly, Molly, Molly. You turn one year old on Monday and we’re expecting more from you now that you’re a mature dog.

You were left with the run of the house for more than two weeks with no problems. Which is why your parents were astounded at your behavior the past two days. Mom left a favorite sweater on the couch while Mom and Dad went out to look at houses (with a fenced yard for you!) and you ate not one, but four buttons off it?!? THEN, Mom came home yesterday and found this:

One hundred address labels, chewed up, spit out, stuck to the rug, stuck to you. Argh! You also managed to break the collar you just outgrew (is this a hint you don’t want a little sister to play with?)

So Bailey and Molly, here’s where we stand. Your moms and dads take some of the responsibility for your behavior. Perhaps we shouldn’t have left those address labels, sweaters and Christmas trees laying around like we did. But you two need to take a hard look at your own behavior before Santa Paws decides to skip right over your houses this year.

Happy Holidays!

Love, Mom (Aunt KAT to Bailey)


Molly said...

And she looks like she had tons of fun while she did it!

stac said...

That face is priceless!

Anonymous said...

what a cutie! She looks happy as a clam!

Anonymous said...

There is a simple explanation for Molly's "unruly" behavior....she just figured you two wouldn't be needing address labels with your old address on them any longer....she's excited to be moving to her new house! What a little smartie pants! :)