Saturday, December 09, 2006

tree 0. bailey 2.

this time it was our norwegian straw angel. neither one of us saw that he was interested in her.

but i'm still vacuuming up bits of straw.

this is a busy week for me-- christmas party, out of town friends, christmas cookie swap.

so at some point this week, i have to bake 9 dozen cookies. so right now, it looks like thursday will be an all-nighter. i'm going to make the dough tomorrow. so much for my plan of making pretty cookies. there will be no decorating 9 dozen cookies. but good for my sister -- who plans on making 9 dozen hershey kiss cookies. it's a good thing they came out with those pre-unwrapped ones. otherwise, she'd be peeling foil for days.


Molly said...

Could you not just cheat and buy cookies? Or buy the precut dough that you always see the unreal perfect mother and son baking together in the TV commercials?

Hmm, 9 dozen sounds an awful lot to me. Good luck with that!

Lisa said...

Wow. THat's ALOT of cookies. (I'd need to bake 10 dozen because of course I'd eat at least 12 during the course of the making/decorating. Hope all goes well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it- 9 dz cookies... 9 dz cookies that I need to keep my husband and toddler OUT of. Where am I going to 'hide' 9 dz cookies?
SJ- good luck with your cookies...looking forward to trying them on Friday

stac said...

There's no way I'd be able to make 9 doz cookies. Let me know if you need a taste-tester though... LOL

KAT said...

9 times 12... minus the 6 I will eat in cookie dough, minus the 6 the PH will eat in cookie dough, minus the 12 I'll burn, minus the 10 each we'll eat once they cool... and that's why I won't be invited to any cookie swaps this year!
Think about it SJ, what's an extra one or two dozen for Setback players when you're already making nine anyway?!?