Thursday, December 07, 2006

What is wrong with people?

I have a new pet peeve. And while it may seem like I do nothing but bitch and moan in this blog, I have a surprisingly low number of pet peeves. I hate, hate, hate being hung up on. And there are a dozen or so little things that bother me (just kidding, maybe half a dozen). But this one is a new one.

You know those wireless Bluetooth ear thingies? What is up with people wearing them all the time? Are you really so important that you need to be able to answer your phone and begin speaking within seconds of it ringing? It’s annoying enough just seeing them, but it’s even worse when the person begins speaking before you realize that they’re wearing one and not actually talking to you.

Our real estate agent has hers on all the time, although I’ve never seen her talk into it. Unless maybe it’s on all the time and she has someone feeding her her lines. “This is the kitchen. Oops, no, I mean it’s the bedroom.”

I received a photograph at the newspaper today where the subject had one of those doohickies in his ear in the photo. Really? You couldn’t risk missing a call for the 4.78 seconds it took to snap the photo? Is this thing really so hard to install into your ear that you only take it out to shower and sleep?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people using headsets rather than risking their life and mine on the highway by trying to hold a phone to their ear while they drink coffee, shift, change lanes, honk and apply makeup. But is it necessary to be poised to answer a phone call all the friggin’ time?

While I’m on the subject, you know another thing I hate? The overuse of italics. How ironic, huh?


Anonymous said...

OMG- I SO Agree with you. I see them all the time and I wonder what kind of important job they have that they have that little earpiece... and of course I have seen people fiddling around in the car just to FIND that little piece while in traffic to talk on the phone..

Oh sorry about the italics... :-)

sj said...

let me just remind you of my entry regarding the woman on the cell phone in the bathroom.

she has a bluetooth.

Molly said...

Usually I think people are talking to me or talking to themselves when they are using those things, because I can't often see it. I think they are quite irritating, just like the fact we all have to have cell phones now and can't live without them!

And I had to use italics, sorry!

sj said...

this is funny. j just got a bluetooth device....

Lisa said...

OH MY GOD YES!!!! HATE those.

THanks for the visit recently. AM loving your blog.

stac said...

I have a bluetooth headset too but I don't wear it if I'm not going to make a phone call. Something about not being able to hear out of that one ear while it's there messes with my brain!