Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Boy, am I tired from bringing sexy back! I thought Justin Timberlake was going to pick up more of the slack, but instead he left most of it for us to do. What a bum!

So now sexy is back… and I’m back after SJ’s run of posts. Actually, I’ve been here the whole time, kicking back and reading her posts in between the really important stuff like writing Christmas cards to my employees, playing Sudoku online (it’s addicting, people!) and making a surprised face when I walk into what was supposed to be a birthday dinner with my dad and was actually a huge birthday party with 35 of the people I love the most.

It was really fun, not only for being able to chat with some people I haven’t seen in awhile and for the fact that a lot of people drove looooong distances to see little ol’ me, but because it was all such a surprise. I can’t say I’ve never been the subject of a surprise party because the big thing among my group of friends was a “surprise” 16th birthday. It was such a big thing, we all had one. Which kind of took the “surprise” out of “surprise party.”

So an actual surprise party was awesome. And surprising. (Can you believe I get paid to write for a living with a comment like that?!?) The Pretend Husband and my siblings and my dad did a great job tracking down my friends by breaking into my email account (I’m changing the password) and my cell phone (I’ll never shower again when the PH is around because leaving him alone with my cell phone is apparently just asking for trouble).

The PH told me he was nervous that the surprise was ruined when, back in October, I saw the piece of paper that he had written my dad’s phone number on. He didn’t want me to suspect he was going to use it to plan a party so he tried to make me think it was to ask for my dad’s permission to marry by proposing a few days later! (OK, he was going to do it anyway, but it also served as a great cover for my discovery of the number).

All in all, a fun weekend. I’ll be back when I’m done writing all the thank you cards!


Molly said...

Hurrah for a surprise party! Glad you had a great time and thumbs up to the PH for pulling it off.

sj said...

i have to have a serious talk with the ph. i can't handle all of these secrets i'm asked to keep anymore. i was so afraid of spoiling it and had no back story (so, am i supposed to ask her what she's doing to throw her off? i can't ignore her 30th birthday!)

however, he did a splendid job. how cool is it to see 35 people who love you all in one room? can you imagine what your wedding will be like?!

speaking of weddings. congratulations, ben!