Tuesday, May 08, 2007

file this one under: are you kidding me?

okay so you know how when you wear a suit to work and you don't usually wear a suit, people automatically assume you're like... interviewing?

well at my workplace, when you wear a dress and heels, instead, the response i get is: did you have a makeover?


i'm not that dressed up-- just a simple black dress with my typical pointy shoes. barely any makeup. and yet, that's the reaction i get. "wow, sj... you look so .... different. did you get a makeover?"

i realize that this is a compliment, in a way. but it's definitely one of those backhanded "wow - dude, every day you look like such a disaster. good for you making the extra effort today" kinds of comments.

it's true, that most days, i tend to be a little more conservative, and rarely expose my very, very pale cleavage to the light of day (in a tasteful workplace acceptable way). so in fact, i think it's my bright white skin that make everyone look. i'm like a beacon of paleness. i guess it serves me right. if i stood close to shore and if it were foggy, i could probably guide ships to safety.

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Molly said...

Well at least you didn't have the purple lipstick "makeover" that Kat recently had. They used to so that to me at my old job, make a fuss if I wore a dress instead of my pants. Then I used to feel very over dressed and kept fidgeting all day!