Tuesday, March 20, 2007

tsk, tsk.

With your fancy schmancy high speed internet, i would have expected a Monday post, KAT

okay - i tease. so maybe she's a little busy what with the whole new house, planning a wedding, about to attend 235 of them, playing soccer with her ailing limbs, etc. oh- and practicing her setback skills.

that's right. she's been practicing. or we play better when drunk. whichever. we somehow managed to beat the boys 3 games this weekend. i like to think it was the combination of KAT's drinking and my over-compensating for her drunkeness by actually paying attention for a change.

so i'm totally glad that march is almost over. historically, i *HATE* march. it's always been a bad month for me. and so maybe because it's been bad, i just assume it's gong to be bad going forward. but whatever. it's like march comes around and i'm a different person. i also tend to misbehave in march. bad stuff just happens in march and i get all stressed out and reminded of bad things and just boom. things fall apart.

to make up for it, i've been reading a lot this month. i'm trying an escapism route. i'm actually re-reading stuff that usually makes me feel better (lots of dorothy parker and ts eliot) but nothing seems to be getting through. i'm looking for suggestions. it doesn't have to be happy - it doesn't have to inspire. just whatever. right now, i need it to escape.


Molly said...

My birthday is March 28th - you could celebrate the day in my honor and go eat cake and drink martini's?! Also, I am having an all girls martini party at my house on March 31st - you could have one at your house and we could double celebrate - my birthday and the end of a bad month for you?!!!

Okay, those are the only suggestions I have and they both seem to revolve around me so I say do what you love, and love who you do!

sj said...

awesome molly!

you're on. kat and i rarely need a reason to drink. but these are the perfect reasons.


KAT said...

I'm going to start celebrating Mollymoo's birthday immediately after work today! And I will drink (in her honor, of course) everyday until her actual birthday... actually, until the day of the dual party. I mean, not that I'm a big drinker or anything, but it's for Molly, so I'm willing to make some sacrifices!

Anonymous said...

Happy Early Birthday Molly- I bought a bottle of wine last night and started the celebration!

Molly said...

So glad you don't need much encouraging to drink! Hurrah for my birthday!