Sunday, March 18, 2007

KAT's wacky weekend fun (or how to justify drinking heavily on a Sunday night)

Well, a busy weekend in KAT-land, let me tell you. First, we gone done got ourselves that Internet everybody’s been jabbering ‘bout. I’m just not sure how I’m supposed to catch anything with it (rimshot!)

Actually, I’ve had the Internet before and I have to use it at work every once in awhile (like to email SJ and to check other people’s blogs), but it’s been more than a year since I’ve had it come right into my very own home. I mean, we’ve been walking a mile… in the snow… up hill both ways… to use it. So it’s nice to have an indoor Internet for a change. And you, friends, will now be able to join in the fun of daily posts from KAT! (OK, probably not daily, but it’s nice to know I at least have the option of posting on the weekends if anything exciting happens.)

Good Lord, what had gotten into me? I think it’s a combination of the paint fumes I inhaled all day yesterday while painting the stairs (all day! And not even the tops of the stairs! Just the backs and the trim on the side! All day!) and the crazy time SJ and I had in our local bridal store (actually, not local. I think it might be national. So if you have one near you… and you too find humor in child brides surrounded by obedient bridesmaids who will allow themselves to be yelled at for the chance to throw down $200 on a dress and march down an aisle with a pretty bouquet in their hands… then you should definitely go there.)

Apparently, it was half-off the dresses and double-up on the crazy at this place today. One of those days when you pull into the parking lot and go, “Oh hell no!” Which we said… right before going in anyway. We got our share of dirty looks as we slapped on the 10-foot long veils and practiced our Miss America waves while wearing the biggest tiaras we could find (who says I’m not taking this wedding stuff seriously?!?).

What we didn’t get was my wedding dress. Which just means SJ and I will have to ditch the husbands again soon and plunge back into the world of “It’s my special day and you are not going to ruin it by wearing a size 8 dress. Everyone has to wear matching size 6 dresses, so start dieting, tubbo!” I can’t wait.

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sj said...

you forgot to mention the formula we came up with that directly ties the age of the bride, economic status and desire for uniformity to their level of bridal insanity.

oh - and the evil blonde behind the counter that was totally shooting us dirty looks as we horrendously mocked the headpieces with feathers. i think we may have personally offended her. (she may have - what with her not-so-natural-shade -- been related to big bird. so i could understand the problem.)