Saturday, March 10, 2007

stupid taxes.

we just had our taxes done. which, whatever. i'm glad i'm not canadian where they have free healthcare and all of that crap. but man. i hate taxes. particularly, i hate things like schedule a, words like itemized, AGI and other such things.

but, luckily, i'm only having to pay $450 to the feds, and $75 comes back from the state. which could be much worse. but it's not worse. so yay. and also, it could be worse in that i could be an accountant. i'd be so much less fun. granted, i'm sure there are really fun accountants out there -- but the two that i know are not very fun (shhh - dont' tell them. they're still nice people. you just don't make midnight trips to the grocery store wearing funny hats, slippers and buy whipped cream and grapes with them. i'm just sayin.)

in other news, we've purchased a bowflex and an exercise bike. and by we, i mean, my husband has purchased these things. he's also on steroids. which sounds bad, but actually, he's on steroids as medication. i was actually on steroids as well for my asthma and bronchitis -- so you can imagine how fun the arm-wrestling tournaments were. but so yeah - i'm a little afraid he's going to be roughly the size of a professional wrestler before long. i'm sure he was also afraid that i would be the size of a professional wrestler before long and refused to let me near the bowflex, lest i develop "unfeminine muscles."

which is funny when you think about it - but i'm still afraid j's going to get bigger boobs than me. (okay, so on him they're pecs, but you know what i mean.)

st. patrick's day is coming up, so stac -- how about dinner at cassile's? (i've been meaning to call stacey for weeks. but it's no surprise that in addition to no blogging, i've been anti-social.)


Molly said...

Moobies (man boobies) are not nice, hopefully he won't get them!

The best tax write off ever is a little something called kids! I used to pay $700 in taxes, now I get thousands back. It is very nice! And I only have one of those, I mean one darling child! Of course, the amount of money you spend on them in their life time is enough to bankrupt anyone, but at least you are getting money back from the government.

stac said...

Ok - I have one of those things (er, a kid that is) and we still end up paying 500+ when tax season rolls around. It's probably due to how our exemptions are setup though. I'd rather have more $ in my pocket than letting the govt reap all the interest on it! Ok SJ - this is getting pretty bad - we're now only communicating via your blog - LOL! And yes - let's definitely do Cassiles on the 17th unless you want to try to get reservations at KC Dubliner?

Molly said...

Oh my gosh Stac, you have a kid and you pay taxes? Do you live in some alternative universe? I claim one and I know that I am paying money to the government but I still like getting money back each year.

KAT said...

Moobies! Ha ha ha ha! Never heard that expression, Molly, but am going to try to work it into every conversation I have at work today! Ha ha ha!

Molly said...

Kat, I think you should write a post on how those conversations went!