Thursday, March 08, 2007

hacking cough, fever, and apparently, rosy areolas.

okay, okay. I know. it’s been forever. I’d like to say nothing eventful has happened that would cause me to blog anything interesting, but that’s just not true.

someone asked about my nipples at work.

okay – so it wasn’t that obvious. it was more an accidental slip when they meant to ask about my… bronchioli? the things that are in my lungs that were recently broken due to a nasty bout of acute bronchitis and asthma (never had it before in my life – but the whole lungs filled with nasty stuff thing triggered my inability to breathe).

I was walking toward the ladies room – minding my business completely – when someone asked me "hey, sj, how are your areolas?”

well. just rosey, thank you.

I actually pretended not to know what he was asking about. because I knew that he meant my lungs. but somehow, he ended up asking about the area around my nipples.

common mistake. people ask me about these puppies all the time. anonymous – I’m sure you get that a lot too. (it runs in the family).

oh- and the person that asked was my boss’ son.


Molly said...

It's better than your bosses "accidentally" copping a feel of them - two bosses, one each boob. At separate times of course, it would just be plain scary if both of them did it at the same time!

stac said...

If it would have been me I would have peeked down the front of my blouse and then said that they were rosy. But I love embarrassing men when they slip up like that!