Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Look out, my wrinkles are showing!

Just a few short years ago, a weeknight for me was as likely to include going out with coworkers for happy hour and plans for dinner with friends as it was a plan to stay home and watch TV. Ah, how the times have changed.

These days, I’m more likely to spend my evenings unpacking, working on crafts, talking with the Pretend Husband or reading, than I am out at a bar or restaurant. Take our exciting night last night as an example (planned in advance and looked forward to, no less!) We not only hit up a price club, but also a grocery store! Whoo! I’m still dizzy from the excitement of my night out!

Those price clubs are crazier than I remember. I mean, do people really buy their underwear there? It is really a one-stop shopping kind of place, as long as you don’t mind ridiculously large amounts of everything. Our trip to the grocery store later was because we only wanted three pounds of turkey burgers and a normal size bag of chips rather than being able to treat the neighborhood to dinner… for a week.

So there we were, with our cart full of a large screen television, four tires, a 14-pound rack of ribs, a five-gallon bucket of peanut butter and enough toilet paper to last us until retirement… OK, I’m just kidding. But I did spend a lot of time marveling at the products– how many children do you have to have to require a jar of jelly as big as my head? How big is your freezer that you can fit a tub of Breyer’s ice cream and still have room for ice (now available in 40-pound bags!) And, who chews that much gum?

But at least it got us out of the house. Tonight, my big plans include unpacking more boxes and– if I’m feeling really crazy– perhaps staying up late enough for two loads of laundry to get done.

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Anonymous said...

KAT- At least SOMEONE is posting.... (SJ....hmmm)

I am sad to say, I have bought that jelly container.. I was on a jelly KICK. Needless to say- i did not finish the ENTIRE Jar. I do however buy my gun there.... yup that IS a lot of gum!
I also buy my tp there- I NEVER run out.. LOL