Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's tough being me!

I’ve been really worried lately that I’m starting to show my age, what with the sprained ankle from soccer and the horrendous neck pain from hauling boards this weekend. But then I called someone Liar McLiarpants.

And I just asked a kid I work with how much money he would pay me to chug a half-gallon of milk.

Now I’m not so worried about my age. I’m worried about my mental health.


sj said...

a half gallon of milk would be tough... milk is kind of filling.

now a half gallon of ice cream is a different story. granted you don't chug it. but you eat it. and i bet i could eat it quickly.

KAT said...

Oh, you're ON, sister! We are having an ice cream "chugging" contest this weekend. I'll bet anything I win-- I've had PLENTY of practice!