Thursday, March 15, 2007

like the weather

this weather, for the past two days has been so absolutely beautiful -- and now i hear we're getting snow.


and i was totally looking forward to my spring wardrobe. the only thing that would make my upcoming summer complete would be having a pool. alas. no pool for sj. i'm in fact so very jealous of anyone who has a pool. if only i had a swimming pool to look forward to this summer. drat!

okay. i'm being a little sarcastic mcsarcasticpants. i really don't mind not having a pool. i had one growing up and in fact made lots of use of it. but i also didn't have to clean it and vaccuum it. and when i got old enough where i did have these chores, pools suddenly lost their charm.

the truth is, j and i are starting to take very minor baby steps into thinking about our next house. very minor. and really just looking. but it's been a thought for a while, and with the spring coming, it puts us more in the mood. and then i read KAT's post and i'm reminded of so much i don't want to do again anytime soon.

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Anonymous said...

You and J and Kat and anyone else who wants to can come use MY Pool...because as you mentioned... they are not that much fun when you have to maintain them more then swim in them.
We can hold your birthday bash at my house this year-- with my pool... it should be warm by then- maybe 70? :-)