Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Whew! Two days of work has worn me out!

I’ve been a little lax in posting lately and I take responsibility for that. You may have also noticed a lack of posts from SJ and I’m going to have to take responsibility for that too. It’s all technical and boring and I don’t understand it either, but I seem to have locked SJ out of her own blog! A few emails later (we rarely talk in person…), we seem to have figured out the problem.

SJ is going to suit up in her best Mission Impossible black Ninja outfit tonight and try to break into the blog, despite the best security known to Google. So we hope to have her back at the helm or the wheel or the bridge (for you Trekkies) soon. Godspeed, SJ!

I have all sorts of exciting posts planned for this year, including some resolutions (I resolve to not work so hard. There, that post is taken care of) and some suggestions for other blogs you might want to check out. Not that I’m trying to steer you away from Funnygals or anything, but perhaps you want to be able to check out other sites and tell us how much funnier we are or you have a couple of minutes (or hours) of free time at work and aren’t sure what else you can do at your computer to look busy (not that I know what that’s like or anything).

But for now, I have to get back to work since I’m only working two days this week and actually have some work I have to get done before I knock back for a couple days of– I think we can all agree– well-deserved rest.

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