Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Darn, it’s KAT again!

I know, I know. You came to this blog and were excited for a moment to see there’s a new post up (twice in one week! Yay for me and my lack of work to keep me otherwise occupied!). But then, to your dismay, you notice it’s from KAT and not from SJ. Sorry about that, folks.

I suspect SJ is still a little bit locked out of the blog. I’m not sure because she’s no longer speaking to me. Yup, 18 years of friendship, countless times of me fighting people on the playground to defend her honor, getting ordained so she would have a last minute fill-in for her sick pastor and that time I was her birthing coach while J was caught in a snowstorm in Milwaukee… all over because of this blog.

Wow, KAT, the drama! None of the above is true, of course. Well, except for SJ being locked out of Funny Gals. She appears to be closer to a solution, however. And in the meantime, I will keep you entertained with
stories about getting waxed, photos of Molly and and the tear-jerking account of our engagement.

Just kidding! I’m over that stuff (for now). I am all about talking (i.e. whining) about this new diet I put myself on. It’s been really, really hard, but I’ve stuck with it and I feel like it’s starting to pay off. Cause, you know, I’ve been on it for about 30 hours now (but it feels like much longer!)

For those of you playing along, it’s the two-week Special K diet that includes cereal for two meals a day and then a healthy third meal (tonight, that means tacos for dinner. I can’t wait!) You’re also allowed two snacks a day, fruit and veggies for additional snacks and all the beverages you can fit. So it’s not exactly huge sacrifices (although I suspect they don’t mean “chocolate milkshake” when they mention “beverages”).

And it’s not going too badly. I haven’t gotten really hungry because I’m still able to have an orange, some pudding or a big bowl of ice cream for a snack between meals (just kidding about that last one, although it’s tempting…) We’ll have to see if it works. If it does, guess what I’ll be doing two weeks before the wedding?


Molly said...

Okay, no one wants to listen to me when I tell them what a brilliant diet the South Beach plan is, but I have to tell you (and I will!) it is the best diet I have been on because a) you eat real food all the time and don't feel like you are on a diet and b) after the initial two week period you can drink wine and that is the main reason for me doing this diet! Seriously, grab a copy of the book and give it a try.

KAT said...

Thanks for the tip, Molly! I have never actually been on a diet before so I thought I'd try something that sounds relatively easy to stick with. But I have to say that a diet that includes two bowls of cereal a day tends to get a bit tedious.

I will check out the South Beach diet. Thanks!

sj said...

i actually have done the special k thing and yes, it totally works. especially if you are something like me and require a stringent routine that involves directions like "pour cereal in bowl."

but molly, that's a good tip. i still try to use the old "but one glass of red wine is healthy" excuse but after the 3rd glass in one night, people call me on it.

and kat - i still love you. even after that night we woke up without any pants on.

Molly said...

I was going to say that I was intrigued about the waking up with no pants on incident but that makes me sound like a huge dirty lesbian and I'm not! So therefore no details are necessary!

South Beach is marvellous except for when you cheat like I did today and had bread, which is a no-no in the first couple of weeks. However, I did lose a whole 5lbs last week when I started. Unfortunately, I have been out to lunch twice and therefore am still at the 5lb mark but at least I haven't gained it all back. Yet! So anyway, I would totally recommnd it because it makes you think about what you are putting into your body and now if I eat a burger from McDonalds, my body just feels awful like it is telling me how much it hates it. So it is quite good my friend, and better than a bowl of bloody cereal!