Friday, January 12, 2007

i am a slacker.

i'm sorry.

i really am.

kat has been pulling all the weight for the past several weeks all because google hates me. there. i said it.

i've tried to switch my account like all of 2 times in the past week and each time, i've encountered problems. okay - so maybe you've picked up my quasi-sarcasm here. i could have tried a little harder. the irony here is that i spend my day working with things like SQL queries and directing others how to use technology. hehe.

oh well.

so clearly my new year's resolution is already out the window (1. blog more.) so number 2 is now "spend less time in the emergency room." last year, i spent no less than 24 hours in the emergency room (you have to add them all up, but still. that's a lot.) item number 3 is keep in better touch with my friends (expect a call, stac!) that i miss and spend too little time with.

and item number 4 was supposed to be "spend less time at work." i'm not doing so good there, either.

if i could in fact put a reset button to restart the year for february, i would.

but now i'm back on and i promise to recap some of the crazy things i learned over the past few weeks, such as:
it is harder than you'd think to tune an electric guitar.
i won ugly sweater day. (thanks to my norton mcnaughton turquoise fringed sweater - which i was just too lazy to return.)

and ponder this - is it impolite to assign new years resolutions to others?


Molly said...

I want to say congratulations and sorry at the same time for the ugly sweater contest. I am so sorry you actually own an ugly sweater, but happy you won the contest. Was the prize at least pretty?

And yes, it is rather impolite to impose new year resolutions on others because it is just wishful thinking on your part and not what they themselves want to do!

sj said...

thank you, miss molly!

i should take a picture so you can see it and judge for yourself (but it has fringe!) i won a coffee from dunkin donuts, and i think that's great. so worth wearing an ugly sweater for a day.

and thank you re the new years resolution. i had someone tell me "i hope you resolve this year to..." and i guffawed. outloud. couldn't help it.

KAT said...

Wow, how ballsy! Oh, and extremely rude, too.

My response would have been, "Wow, thanks for your feedback. And I think your resolution should be to shut your piehole when it comes to other people's self-improvement."

stac said...

A sweater with fringe...suddenly i got an image in my head from grammar school when hand-made ponchos were all the that was some serious fringe!!

And I've been meaning to call u lately. I think we're well overdue for a good game of trivial pursuit - especially since I just got the 80s version for Xmas!