Friday, November 03, 2006

the longest. week. ever.

It’s Friday, and I’m still recovering from my weekend. my long, long, long weekend. first the 8 hour drive. Including the 20 miles through a blizzard (yes! Way too early to see snow!) we got there late-ish on Saturday night – just in time for the family dinner (doh! if only the blizzard slowed us down a little more…)

we made an appearance. I confess that I ignored the two cousins who were unbearable to me the last time I saw the whole family together. And almost made a comment about getting my sweater at the goodwill, but whatever.

The weekend was surreal. We were in a far off corner of western New York, and it felt like another world. A world where civilization meant five fast food chains all in one clustered spot off of an exit (where the next exit was 19 miles further down the road). Here in our little overcrowded nutmeg state, it’s hard to imagine not having a neighbor for miles. In fact, it would be particularly challenging if our neighbors lived miles away because we wouldn’t have enough garden hose.

Let me explain.

So we were gone all weekend. We come home. Exhausted in the wee hours of Monday. Bailey is even tired. Everyone goes to bed. J had the day off, and woke up way too early and went off to run errands, leaving me behind to get ready for work and trudge off (amazingly, I got in by 9:30 even though I left my house at 8. that never works that way, just so you know). he had asked me in the morning if I could call my dad because the well pump was running an awful lot. I said sure.

Two hours later, around 11, I came out of my first meeting of the day to a message from my husband. “can you call your dad? Our pump won’t stop running.” So I called him back, and he told me that he had already talked to my dad a few times, and was now digging a hole.

Uh oh.

So, a few hours later and several phone calls later, my husband is sitting six feet under, in the well, in some kind of yoga position that might be comfortable for me – but not so much for poor j. I left work early “No running water.. husband in a ditch… see you tomorrow! call my cell if you neeeeeed meeeeeeeeee….”

And yes, insert Lassie jokes here: “What’s that, Bailey? Daddy’s stuck in the well?”

Here it is, days later, still not clean water (have you ever tried washing your hair using a gallon of water in that stupid plastic container? If not, start practicing your flexibility now, people. Because heavy water jug = trying to tip said jug over your head evenly and without getting the entire bathroom soaked = not easy.) The first night, we didn’t let the heat run because something about dirty water, water heater, boiler – something silly like that.

My hair is starting to look a little worse for wear – I need some serious water pressure soon or I may have to cut my hair.


Molly said...

Poor you, sounds like something out of a movie. Hope you get your water back soon!

stac said...

Ugh - you poor thing! I didn't know you guys were on a well. Hope you get to wash your hair soon!