Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kevin and Britney are no more.

Is there anyone else so broken up about this?

Man. I thought those kids were gonna make it. And they practically share our anniversary. Except that they chose the more popular "Wednesday" to get married on.


KAT said...

I.AM.SHOCKED. Boy, I did not even see this break-up coming! They just seemed like such a wholesome, talented couple. I just hope K-Fed is able to put the divorce behind him and find a new baby momma to continue to pop out his kids. What's he up to, like 12? Plenty of back-up dancers for when he hits it big, what with his amazing talent and all.
I'm off for a good cleansing cry about this one. You are all in my thoughts as we go through this difficult time.

Molly said...

All join me won't you:

"told you so"!!

stac said...

Boy K-Fed must be really bummed - no more of Britney's millions to squander away partying. Wonder which rich chick he'll hook up with next?

sj said...

my money's on nicole richie.