Wednesday, November 08, 2006

God, not ANOTHER post about her engagement!

Yes, folks, another post about my engagement. But before you complain too much, you should realize that this is the only thing going on in my life. Other than house hunting, job searching and other minor stuff, that is.

Anyway, I got a call from my friend MP last week. She had emailed to wish me a happy one-week anniversary of being engaged (how thoughtful is this chick?!? I tried to convince The FiancĂ© to buy me some flowers to mark the day, but apparently he isn’t quite as sentimental as MP). Anyway, she called to find out what I had gotten planned in the almost two weeks since TF popped the question. Ummmm… well…

Dress? Perhaps. Maybe. I don’t know. I found one I really like on-line, but I feel like I need to go check it out in the store to see if it’s a feasible option. I won’t go into detail in case I buy it (or in case TF decides to start reading the blog), but I will say that it’s different… and colorful. But since I’m not sure it’s “The One,” I’m going to hold off putting a check in this category.

Church? Date? Well, no. We’re still deciding between a destination wedding a year-and-a-half from now and something local in about a year. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, which we continue to debate about. But I did call the priest, he just hasn’t returned my call yet. Perhaps I could have half a check?

DJ? Photographer? Yes. OK, not exactly. I have friends who do both of these things and we’re trying to decide if we can ask them to do them for our wedding. We want them to be able to enjoy the day and are also hesitant because it’s tacky to request a specific gift (although we’re not actually that cheap. We would pay them whatever they asked for and of course would not expect a gift on top of that).

Ugh, talking about people getting us stuff is making me ill. Anyway… Reception site? Caterers? Nope. I have some ideas and left a message about seeing one place today, but otherwise, no further along than we were two weeks go.

A list of who we’ll invite? Aha! Yes! TF and I sat down last week and wrote out a list of who we want invited (and asked our parents to do the same). We need to have an idea whether the wedding is going to be 100 or 200 people in order to look at places for the reception. So I have done something!

I just hope to have more to report when MP calls to wish me a happy three-week engagement anniversary.


Molly said...

Flowers? Honeymoon? What the grooms and his friends will be wearing?

All I can say is rather you than me! Not because I have been married and divorced twice of course, but the planning is a pain in the ass! Actually, my first wedding was the all out fancy schmancy kind with lots of guests, big dress etc and the second wedding was just the two of us, romantic and quiet and I have to say I preferred the second. You just have to do what makes YOU happy, not everyone else, and if you remember that you will have a glorious day!

sj said...

i for one don't mind the updates. 1) i did it to you and the 4000 old women that were regular readers of my wedding planning columnn.