Thursday, November 09, 2006

30's not that old, right?

Me (to a new kid working at my company): Hi.
Him: Hello, ma’am.
Me: You make me feel old when you call me ma’am. I’m probably not much older than you.
Him: 18.
Me: Oh. I guess I am.

My days of being “in my twenties” are coming to an end. But I should point out that I was carded yesterday because everyone at our table had to be 21 to be in the bar area. I think the waiter may have been messing with me.


sj said...

i have a work friend turning 35 today. he's taken it kind of hard, but i shared with him my new secret for recapturing my early 20s. i'm relistening to all of those great mixes i made in college with so much angry rocker chick music -- and of course, the cure and a healthy dose of BNL and Dar Williams.

Molly said...

I would like to shout from the rooftops that 30 is not old. This is not because I am 37 of course, it is because it actually is not old. Honest. Really. Oh just shoot me now, I'm an old bag!