Tuesday, October 17, 2006

raise your hand if you want to go to florida....

so here's a question. if you could go to florida for a couple of days -- work-related -- would you?

apparently, not everyone is raising their hands. otherwise, it wouldn't have fallen to me. let me just a take a minute to say "thank you very much, alex" because my fabulous co-worker is going on my behalf.

it's true that if i had been able to go, i would have had to fly into orlando, and i would not have missed the chance to go to jellyrolls, duelling piano bar at the happiest place on earth, because there's a piano player named scotty that is adorable and plays lovely (in the adverb sense). except that it would have been a little odd to go by myself. to a bar. i mean. the implications just sound bad.

but, j didn't want to go. and i can't justify working on a weekend when i spend 14 hours away from my home each day during the week. even if it means a trip to the beach. and a stopover in disney world.

so thank you, alex! i owe you one for going to florida in november for me. you're a peach!


Molly said...

Florida is only good for one thing in my opinion: Waffle House. I miss it so much!!! When I used to travel with a previous job, we loved it when we were out of California and visiting the south because of Waffle House! Cheap but fantastic!

I just thought of a funny incident that happened the one and only time I visited a dueling piano bar in Austin, TX. My ditzy then boss tried to give the one guy a tip and it was quite clear to all of us that he was blind and couldn't see a thing, but she insisted on waving the money in front of his face until the whole bar shouted at her that he was blind and she turned very red and put the money in the tip jar!

KAT said...

Funny, I don't see any mention of having asked the best friend to go along for a girls' weekend! Or perhaps I should be thanking you for sparing me from a weekend of beautiful weather, the chance to see my sister, a trip to Disney and the best piano dueler in the world? But you did make a sound argument for not going... I, for one, am glad you're not going because it would be awkward trying to play Setback against the guys without a partner.

sj said...

okay - for the record, i only had one paid ticket, so we would have had to find a way to pay for your flight (setback for dollars?)

but also, i would have hate to have ruined a perfectly good girls weekend in florida with work. (icky!)

but, this gives me an idea for sj and kat's 29.5 b-day celebration..... (which, we could legimately celebrate until the spring, right?

Anonymous said...

hmmm- tough one here. A Weekend away from Mr Anonymous and Mini Anonymous....Laptops by the pool in the sun... Um yea I may have considered that