Friday, October 20, 2006

It’s “Fall”

With the leaves falling faster than SJ in a wet parking lot, it’s about time to document just how graceful the two of us have become in our old age. I don’t think either one of us should be allowed to have children unless we hire people to carry them around for us!

I’m inspired by what just happened to me at work. I should subtitle this post “Why I’m Glad I Have My Own Office” because it means no one witnessed my dumb move. I stood up from my desk to get something, of course sending my chair rolling backwards in the process. Not realizing that happened, I just went to sit down and landed on the floor on my butt. Feeling like an idiot, I realized when I went to stand up that I managed to strain muscles in my arm and my back in my pratfall.

I don’t have any other specific incidents from this week (perhaps this is where SJ could chime in with her falling in the parking lot in front of two coworkers who didn’t stop to help story or her snow tubing story or her volleyball story… you get the idea). A teacher friend of mine, the former Miss P, has a story about falling down a flight of stairs in front of her entire class in the first week of school. And I have my infamous elevator story from college where I tried to be cool by putting my back against one wall of the elevator and kicking my legs up to put my feet against the opposite wall… without realizing the opposite wall was about two feet beyond mine. The friend who was with me was stunned as she watched me land in a heap on the floor.

This week, I elbowed the PH in the eye, knocked his glasses off with a book and kind of kicked the dog in the head when I turned around and began walking with realizing she was right behind me. All in all, an average week. Actually, I’d have to rate it above average, because any week SJ doesn’t end up in the emergency room is a good one in my book!


sj said...

i don't know what you're talking about. anyone who knows me knows how incredibly graceful i am. and all of those crutches that i own are really just for show. i collect medical equipment that has not advanced in the past 20 years. (ask to see my fantastic iv collection!)

Molly said...

I walked into a parked car one time. I had my head turned talking to my friends and walked straight into the car and was bent over the hood. My friends were hysterical but as we were on our way to school, it was not exactly a high point for me as everyone witnessed it.

SJ, dear me, you sound like you should own shares in your local hospital!