Monday, January 09, 2006

How I learned snow tubing is not for me.

Number of times Jason and I have sat in the ER together: five.
Number of years we’ve been together: four..

Not a good average.

First off, I should have known better than to even attempt it. My track record with doing things that require coordination – like walking, playing any kind of sport, etc. – is not so good. In fact, I’ve earned myself four pairs of crutches in my lifespan, and I’m not 29 yet.

So, the first thought in my head, when I laid there waiting to get my breath back and taking a mental check of my faculties (‘can I move?’ ‘ow. not yet’), was: “Jason is going to kill me. But, I do have disability insurance now.”

I lasted exactly 3 seconds on the track. not even, actually. On the third second, I had been air borne, and about to land squarely on the back of my head. The good news was, I was mentally aware of every second that had passed – I never blacked out, and there was no blood. But there was a sudden rush of nausea and double vision as I made my way – with the help of joy’s brother – down the hill sans tube and on foot.

Joy’s bro was funny – “do you want me to feel it and make sure it’s not broken?” he offered. I would have laughed if I hadn’t been concentrating very hard on not puking.

I wasn’t going to try it- mostly because my neck had already been bothering me -- but now at least I’m not favoring one side or the other – I’ll have limited mobility over the next few days waiting for the muscles to de-inflame.

We went to the ER just to get checked out. My noggin is already sensitive to migraines, so the headache wasn’t that bad. I’ve taken worse knocks to the back of the head, but my neck muscles are troublesome.

The first thing EVERYONE asked me: “are you pregnant?” Clearly these people don’t read our blog.

“Are you sure?”
“Absolutely sure?”
“Would you stake your next month’s mortgage payment on it?”
(Fraction of a pause as I looked at j) “Yes.”
For emphasis, J added, “You just had your period...”
I nodded.
“It could be first trimester bleeding….”

Doc, you’re freaking me out more than the head.

The good thing about this is that since I can’t lift my neck yet, I’ve been using my abs, which are sore today from all of the extra work. And shampooing is just painful. You don’t realize how badly you need your neck to work until it doesn’t.


KAT said...

Hard to believe we're still in our twenties with all our aches and pains! I'm nursing two very beat-up knees today after a rough soccer game last night in which a guy (who isn't supposed to defend against the females anyway) took it upon himself to take me out not once, but twice. Having no desire to sound like an old lady, I will refrain from going into detail about my aching back. Here's to some quiet Setback games until we're all back in fighting form!

PuceMole said...

Sounds like somebody likes you... If he squirts you with the hose or puts a frog in your lunchbox, it means he's in love.

stac said...

Oh you poor thing! See this is why I dislike snow more and more as I get older! It isn't as much fun anymore, especially since the injury rate seems to go up. Hope your neck feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

ya know- I have luckily never had such an incident as you have had- however it does make me now second guess that awesome ski/tube park we passed on a recent trip to Maine- where someone kept saying was "oh man that looks like fun" Yea fun but not if there is aches and pains involved.... I think I will stick to tubing behind the boat- you cant bang your head on anything other than a fish maybe...