Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Acing the boyfriend test

The PH (Pretend Husband) passed a critical test this weekend; he met my coworkers for the first time. I had filled him in on who was who, how half the company is related to one another, who I like and who he was supposed to avoid at all costs.
I was glad I took the time to give him the background because it was easy to lean over during the holiday party and whisper “that’s the one who spread rumors about me having an affair with a coworker and then actually had one herself” and “that’s the woman who’s nice, but a little loopy; remember I told you about her?”
Just to make sure the PH is up for a relationship with my crazy self, we sat at a table with a guy who is known all over the world as one of the foremost Michael Jackson impersonators. Yep, the best fake MJ works for me. He indulged us with all sorts of funny stories and I was happy to see that he doesn’t take the role too seriously.
Fake MJ told us about being hired to perform at a plumber’s convention and at a lumberjack convention (what do lumberjacks convene about- the latest technological advances in pruning?!?). Nervous about going out into the audience after his performance, he asked the organizer what he was thinking when booking the act for a bunch of the toughest guys in town. The organizer’s reasoning was, “I like Michael Jackson.”
Luckily, the holiday gathering was focused on food (and alcohol, of course) so we had to do little mingling and making small chat (I see these people for, like, 10 hours a week… what could I possibly have to say to them on the weekend?) But the little that the PH said apparently left a good impression. On Monday, my boss told me he seems like a nice guy. And another coworker said, “He has a nice face.”
I only hope I do as well on my test when we hang out with his parents later this week…

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sj said...

i think it should go smoothly, hippy vegan high maintenance girl.

Besides, i think Mr. PH was a jackson impersonator at some point, so you have practice under your belt....