Monday, October 16, 2006


so i was going to post about something else after my weekend. i was going to post about my new glasses. (super trendy! plum-color cat-eye frames!) and about the ineptitude of the kid working at lens crafters as he tried to convince me that my astigmatism was getting worse and i really should buy new prescription sun glasses as well as my new glasses. ("really? because my prescription is going from -3.25/-3.75 to -3.25/-3.50. Can you explain your math to me?")

and i was going to talk about the picking out frames process and how helpful the RH was during the entire process. ("try these. they're black. like you're old ones.") he actually was really helpful though, picking out the frames i went home with.

and then we got a phone call that put all things into perspective. sadly, his cousin's wife passed away on Saturday. she was just 28, and a sweetheart. none of us expected the news, since they live far away and we never really hear from them often. you've heard me lament his family gatherings because they're all so mean (most of them, anyway -- as you'd be reminded by my "oh this old thing - i threw it together from the goodwill") -- but these two weren't. they were incredibly sweet and just a fun-loving couple. they were just living their lives together, happy, having fun, surrounded by friends although slightly distanced from family who loved them.

today, my heart goes out to his cousin and the too-short time they had together. and it's forced me to put some things in perspective. like how much i love my family and friends (i love you, anonymous!) and how much i take for granted my days and spend way too much time at work, and concerned about silly things.

so i hope this doesn't depress you too much, but just serve as a reminder that life is so precious and so fleeting and do what you love with the little time you have.


Molly said...

So sorry to hear the sad news, things like that really do make you stop and think. There have been so many bad things in the news lately, the school shootings, a young family in Florida being shot to death, it puts into perspective just how precious your life is. Such a young age to die but whether or not we like to believe or deal with it, she is in a much better place, honestly! It is just us mere mortals left behind that feel the pain.

Big hugs to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sj- I love you too.
It is very sad to see someone so young leave this great earth so early.

KAT said...

That's so sad. How tough for J's cousin to be a widower so young. And if I remember correctly, they weren't married that long.
It's a good reminder that we need to carpe every diem!

stac said...

So sorry about your loss. Hugs to both of you!