Friday, October 13, 2006

My history as a Halloweenie

Noticing that today is Friday the 13th (ooh, spooky!) and feeling the chill in the air has gotten me to start thinking about what kind of costume to put together for the big event on Oct. 31.

Honestly, I’m not that big into the “holiday,” but being friends with SJ for so long has made me think about these things in advance. I’ve learned I can’t just throw on a wife beater shirt, some jeans and a leather jacket… and stand a chance against the Glinda the Good Witch/Tooth Fairy ensemble that includes glitter in some very… um, prominent places. In fact, my best costumes were inspired (or actually even put together) by the Queen of Costumes herself (that’s SJ for those of you without access to the dialogue in my head that made that connection).

One year, she helped me put together a “slutty Catholic schoolgirl” costume (my only excuse is that we were young…) that was a big hit in our office and at the police department (young enough to dress up, but too old for trick or treating meant we had to make our own fun that year). I think she was a St. Pauli Girl and let’s just say neither of us left much to the imagination (inner dialogue clarifies: “We looked like whores! With our boobs sticking out all over! Whores, I tell ya!”) Imagine running into your ex-boyfriend at a Halloween party wearing a short skirt, knee high socks and a shirt that wouldn’t have passed any nun’s inspection. Actually, hearing about how he was getting married the following week while I was still single was softened exponentially by knowing I looked damn good in that costume.

Another year, we were “80s Homecoming Queens” (apparently we didn’t have the self-esteem to aspire to be Prom Queens), complete with big hair, sashes and horrible, puffy dresses. We ran into a group of guys dressed like nerds that evening and, staying in character, refused their advances. Until– in a lesson that nerds everywhere should learn– they bought us alcohol.

So this year needs to be even better. I think Mollymoo has one of the best ideas ever (damn you, Molly!). She’s dressing as Lucy from “I Love Lucy” for her office costume contest.

Come to think of it, my company doesn’t do a costume contest, I’m not invited to any Halloween parties this year and I may not even be someplace that gets trick or treaters. So I don’t really need a costume. But I’ll be damned if the Tooth Fairy upstages me again!


sj said...

i vote that you and i dress up in costume to go to erin's party. i mean, sure she didn't specify "come in costume" but how much more fun would it be if we were decked out as... um... laverne and shirley?

KAT said...

That'll teach her to invite us to parties! Um, I mean, that could be fun. Either Laverne and Shirley or perhaps... a slutty nurse and a slutty police officer? (Or are we getting too old to dress slutty and call it a costume?) I'm all for dressing up... and it will have the added effect of embarassing your Real Husband and my Pretend Husband to death.

Molly said...

I think Laverne and Shirley is a fab idea! I am very disappointed, the costume I won on ebay turned out to be the wrong size and the woman had to refund my money, so I gave up on that in the end. Now I have no clue what I will be :(

Molly said...

Hurrah, I have another dress on the way, I just need the wig - again!

Anonymous said...

Suggestion for RH and PH if you dress as Laverne and Shirley=
Lenny and Squiggy

Molly said...

You could go as Lucy and Desi, they have the outfits!! Or, they sell different types of Lucy outfits, you could each be one!