Monday, October 30, 2006

OK, Enough About Me…

Ha ha! Just kidding. From what I’ve heard, the next year or so until our wedding is going to be ALL about me. Actually, the Pretend Husband is one of those guys who does very well with the details (as you can probably tell from his proposal), so I’d like think this next year will be about US and all the compromises we will be sure to make as we plan our wedding (he’s very traditional while I want everything to be “different” from the dozens of weddings I’ve been to. I’m sure you’ll be getting plenty of details about this in the future, Internet friends).
In answer to the question I’ve been asked, oh, about eight bajillion times this week, no, we do not have a date yet. We decided to just enjoy being engaged for a week, banter around some of our wedding ideas and then worry about the details. But it hasn’t stopped people from asking (even when I got to work at 9 a.m. and told my co-workers I had gotten engaged at 6:30 a.m., I got the question! I know the papers I lay out are stunning, but contrary to belief, I am not actually a magician.)
One of the best reactions to the news of our engagement was from a work friend’s husband. She told him last Monday that we had gotten engaged and his response was, “Is she happy?” I think he meant, “Is she jumping around the office with excitement?” but it was still a funny question.
I also got woken up on Monday night with a phone call from “Bertha,” a good friend in Arizona. I had been in such a dead sleep that I wasn’t sure exactly what was happening, but she asked, “Are you engaged?” and screamed into the phone when I said yes.
Another good reaction was from BAC’s wife, who we did not tell about the engagement. I spent more than an hour in a dimly lit restaurant trying to make my hand obvious to her. At one point, she said, “Well, we don’t have any exciting news from this week. How about you guys?” It took everything I had to answer with a straight face, “Nope, nothing exciting.” We then went for ice cream in a much better lit restaurant and within two minutes of sitting down, Mrs. BAC grabbed my hand and exclaimed, “What is that?” (She meant the ring. She knows what a hand is.)
I’ve decided the PH needs to work on his delivery of the news. Since we had plans to go out to dinner with his parents for his birthday on Monday, we decided to give them the news in person. His way of doing it? He walked by them and said, “Say hello to your daughter-in-law.” They were confused about what he meant and I think they actually looked at Molly first. I finally took pity on them and said, “He proposed this morning.” Then we all went out to dinner and they told the story of how the Pretend Father-in-Law stole the Pretend Mother-in-Law from his friend, who she was dating (PFIL: “We don’t really keep in touch anymore”) and how, a week after he proposed in front of his entire family, she threw the ring back at him for giving her a hickey on her neck (PMIL: “Actually, it was on my lip and my uncle was coming to visit!”)
I’m looking forward to family holidays.

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okay - wait. how do you get hickeys on your lip?