Thursday, October 26, 2006

sorry, i can't top that news.

i had to let that huge announcement sit out there for a few days, but i also wanted to share my pseudo-parenting stories from my time with baby anonymous.

first off, i can't be a mom until i quit my job. because it took me 2+ hours to get to my sister's house from work. and when i got there, well, it reminded me of how close hanging around toddlers is to hanging around my co-workers.

there's the obvious similarity in attention span:
Look, e! a ball!
Look, boss! a shiny new chart!

they're diverted and pleased for a while, and then they throw it over the baby gate (that's my clear analogy to management)/goof it up by trying to do stupid things with excel like accidentally sort the wrong column and ask you to fix it.

but really, our night was uneventful. i threw the ball. and he was so good at retrieving- it was like i was playing with bailey! (i'm kidding... i swear) and we played baseball. well. more like teeball. but with an 8 inch bat and a 6 inch basketball. (but what do i know about baseball...)

and we read. the first page of 7 books. which practically counts for a whole book, right? i found myself reading faster and faster in order to get further along (i may never know what the brown bear saw...) but that didn't slow down baby e. so i'm thinking in a few years that i'll have to start him on dickens. let's see him fly through great expectations that quick.


stac said...

Well at least baby e. didn't ask you to read the same story over...and over...and over...

Don't ask me to recall my passwords for the 30+ systems that i log into at work, but i can recite The Cat and Hat and Green Eggs and Ham in record time.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had fun. You mean he did not vacuum for you or offer to run the 'swifter'?

Oh, and by the way... Brown Brown Bear what do you see? I see a Red Bird Looking at me. Red Bird, Red Bird what do YOU see? I see a Yellow Duck looking at me. Yellow Duck, Yellow... Well you get the point... be happy you did not have to read that whole thing... As Stac said- its hard to remember daily things when you can recite a kids story off the top of your head like that

Molly said...

I used to have the same problem with Ned, had to read every word really fast before he turned the pages over! Now he has got to that stage where he wants to listen a bit more.