Monday, September 18, 2006


just some quick quotes that I gathered haphazardly throughout the trip:

“mommy no like rollercoasters. mommy not brave. mommy scared” – 4 year old W, commenting on her mother’s attempt at the kiddie rollercoaster ride.

“what if… what if an alien spaceship came between the clouds and struck everything with lightening and then all of the houses – the houses were gone and on fire but nobody had any jobs – except to build houses – and everyone was on the roads and darth vadar was getting them all with lightening and then we had to go in the swamps with sting rays and the crocodiles?” - 5 year old E defying my logic when I explained that you shouldn’t be in a swamp during a thunderstorm and that it wasn’t possible for every house on earth to be struck by lightening at once.

“I’ll have a glass of chardonnay.” - kim

“I’ll have a bud light.” – me

“I wanna go five times!” – W.

“I love you Minnie Mouse. I love you Mickey Mouse. I love you Goofy. I love you Sara.” – W

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KAT said...

Quotes from when you were gone:
"When are SJ and J coming home?"
"Do you think they're home yet?"
"We must have friends other than SJ and J. Think."
"They left a message that they're home. Do you think they want to play cards tonight?"
"I love Mickey Mouse. I love Minnie Mouse. I love Goofy... I mean, SJ."
Welcome back!