Monday, September 18, 2006

back from disney world and boy are my arms tired.

i'm back!

let's review the quick highlights:

1) i rode the goofy rollercoaster 4 times -- which is more times than i would have pictured myself on the goofy rollercoaster, but my 4-year old cousin's daughter was too cute and she couldn't go on alone....

2) i also rode just about every single ride in all of the disney non-water parks, minus a few notable exceptions including the safari ride and stitch's great escape. everything else was fair game.

3) i spent three nights at jellyrolls, a duelling piano bar. partly because a) as we all know, it is a hidden passion of mine that i wish to be a piano bar lounge singer and b) it was an absolute blast. there were three particularly good pianomen, and notably one who did a spot on kermit the frog impression.

4) sadly, i spent not enough time enjoying the best coffee in the world (norway) and instead stuffed in every minute i could amongst the heated throngs trying to find the disney princesses, mickey and other favorite characters. w, the little girl that attached herself to me, developed a super big thing for minnie and goofy.

5) if i could be a disney princess, i still pick snow white (arguably, my pallor could also make me sleeping beauty). and hello, prince charming is a hottie! (and fyi - alladin totally has a bouffant -- and way too wiggish)

so what disney character would YOU be?

i do have a million other stories about our weeklong trip -- including my venture out into public in my care bear pajamas (i was babysitting on friday -- which apparently is a really popular night on the boardwalk for trendy people who generally do not wear care bear teeshirts).

i also have a wicked nasty cold, which apparently is a side effect you get from hanging out with two little germ factories all week long (but, albeit, very cute germ factories).

fun times, kids!


KAT said...

That is a whole lot of Disney jam-packed into one week. Being there with kids is just a little different than going on your honeymoon, huh? Does it make you want to have one? (the kid, not another honeymoon) How about two? Oh my god, are you pregnant?!?
(I figured you missed that kind of questioning while away for a week. Welcome back!)

sj said...

you definitely need a 2:1 ratio when traveling with kids, i've learned.

and i've also learned that it is possible to spend an hour in a gift shop. and that you cannot, however much you try, you cannot rationalize with a 5 year old.

sj said...

oh - and god no. not pregnant.

what's the opposite of pregnant? that's what i am.

Molly said...

I think I would just have to be Cinderella, but not the one who does all the chores! I just want to wear that dress, get into that carriage and go off to the ball. And have a ball!