Wednesday, September 20, 2006

it's a good thing i don't have cable.

so i'm a loser who spends too much time working and at night, when i want to unwind, i often end up watching TV (it's usually circa 8 p.m.). that's just to set the stage for my comments below:

1) i only get a few stations -- ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS. And kind of, if i squint and feel like adjusting the rabbit ears -- the WB or CW or whatever that station is called. all i can really say - since i don't regularly watch it- is that the ad campaigns for Fashion House were eerily similar to the campaigns for the BBC shows that PBS airs -- except with the extra gaudiness that we've come to love in our nighttime serialized dramas in the US (i give you melrose place and dallas).

2) i often find myself too tired to change the station, so that's how i end up watching some of these shows that ordinarily i never would have watched, like for instance, how i met your mother and grey's anatomy. and i really got addicted to a few, but i don't subscribe to any TV guides to actually know when they're on, which is how i've fallen out of love with las vegas and law and order (although, happily, there are so many versions of l and o that if i turn on nbc any given night, i'm bound to find an episode, which i love. it might be just me, but i find vincent d'onofrio such an attractive nut-job. and hello? mr. big!

3) how is two and a half men still on the air?

4) likewise with "according to jim?"

5) confession: i refuse to watch lost because j has become so addicted that he owns seasons 1 and 2 and has rewatched them at least 3 times each. so mainly out of principle, i refuse to watch.

i'm not exactly a couch potato, since i'm rarely conscious enough to watch that much, but i do love a good weekly dose of catfights, murderous vendettas and steamy love affairs. and for the most part, i'd prefer that such drama be reserved for television.

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