Monday, July 31, 2006

Bellying up to the bargaining table…

Hypothetical question: Is it wrong to use our future children as bargaining chips during disagreements about where to live, what setting to use on the air conditioner and whose turn it is to do the laundry? Just wondering…
The Pretend Husband and I spent the weekend with a large group of my college friends, who are much like they were seven years ago except for two of them now being parents to a cute kid named Zach. The presence of a baby during our reunion weekend created a bit of a stirring in the loins of the women… and comments from the guys like, “I’m happy being an uncle.”
Unable to pin the PH down to a baby-creating schedule on the way home from the weekend, I had to resort to slipping it into the conversation in other ways. Talking about the advantages of living in Vermont, I pointed out how much room it would give our kids to play. When the PH said he wanted a motorcycle, I conceded that he could get one after I had a child.
Having gotten the hang of the negotiating (although I have a feeling that, as an attorney, the PH will be able to find a loophole), I may have gone a bit overboard. Driving home from the Pretend In-Laws with Molly, we picked up Chinese food for dinner. I was starving and overtired from having been in the car for more than three hours. Having decided I would die if I had to drive 20 more minutes without at least tasting my dinner, I sank to a new low. I offered to let the PH turn up the AC in exchange for him digging through the bag and handing over my egg roll.
I fear that, from here, it’s only a small leap to, “You can have a television in the bedroom if you knock me up before I’m 32.” Sadly enough, I really think it would work. The PH loves TV that much.

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Molly said...

Having a baby was one of the most challenging, sleep depriving, exhausting, worrying, hardest times of my life! It has also been one of the best, most satisfying, joyous and wonderful times of my life and I would not be without my child for the world!

I hope you come to a mutual decision when the time is right for both of you! It will change your life forever, but you wouldn't want to go back!