Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I love my peeps.

There is something about a three-day (nearly four day) birthday celebration that makes you feel so loved. It's even worth a second blog entry about it. And hello? Let's just reflect on the ominousnous of 2-9. Ouch.

As my colleague put it: You're really just in a holding pattern now.

So, it started Thursday with a little pre-birthday happy hour and dinner with the girls from work at a place in SoNo. Great food, fantastic company and lots of sangria. I have, in the past six months, gone from "no work friends" to three good friends who I couldn't imagine work without. As awesome as this is, it's also a little tough because I had always viewed the fact that I was distant from the people here as an advantage.

The best part about this -- aside from the 1.5 hour stone massage gift certificate they got me -- was the fact that I was able to stay at Jill's house -- which means my 1.5 hour commute was oh, 20 minutes the next morning - and time to stop for Dunkin Donuts.

It was a little odd waking up in New Canaan -- in fact, the whole night felt like i was out of state. And in some ways, as I've reflected on this before, Fairfield county truly is another state.

So the next day, I was greeted by a Diet Coke from Tasha, a bottle of aromatherapeutic bath salts from Megan, and lots of Happy Birthday post it notes. And, for the first time all summer, i took advantage of summer hours and left when everyone else did.

And is there a better way to spend a birthday night than with KAT and the ph playing Trivia Pursuit and cooking dinner? There is. It's hanging out with KAT and the ph playing setback and eating takeout.

Saturday we went for our first really real double date -- by dinner and a movie standards. And guess how we wrapped up the night? Did you guess more setback? You're right. It's like we've become retired people and live in Boca. We clearly need more hobbies.

And Sunday, I spent with my family -- which, as I get older and wiser and slightly closer to adulthood, I'm getting to appreciate more and more.

To recap: 29. No kids (and none on the way.) Career is ... well, it varies on the day of the week. Marraige is happy. Friends are fantastique. Blogging is clearly lacking in prolificity. And I still haven't got the second season of Wonder Woman on DVD, but all in all, it's been a good ride so far.

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KAT said...

We really do need new hobbies! I don't even want to think about how many hours we've devoted to Setback over the years. Although, the advantage is that I got to know your hubby better through all the banter around the table... oh, and I met the PH and fell in love. I take it back-- break out the cards!