Wednesday, June 21, 2006


i have no idea where this came from, because it's not a typical conversation in our household-- and certainly not our bedroom - but last night j was inspired to run through possible picks for boys and girls.

(no, i'm not pregnant. no, we're not planning yet.)

so naturally, we decided to do this via the alphabet. a -- adam, allister, arthur, agnew, adrian, albert (and all variations of). we only did this for the boys names. we have a handful of favorite girls names, which he has overnight decided that he likes. but towards the middle of the alphabet, it was less about what names we'd like for our child and more about how creative we could get with these names.

We pretty much vetoed Leviston Garret. And for a while, it was Xavier Yusef (purely for the fun factor of having a child with the intials XYZ).

i'm not sure where this sudden shift in mindset comes from, but it may be related to the rash of pregnancies popping up in the ol' insurance capital. what is it about the intials HMO and POS that drives men and women crazy?

there must be some double entendre that i'm not getting in the "consumer driven health plan" vocab.

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KAT said...

But I heard you're planning to have a baby in the fall! Is that not true?!? In any case, I can't wait to welcome little Jane Austen Z. to the world! (How about JAZ for initials?)