Thursday, June 22, 2006

A four-cannon salute to dear ol’ Dad

Now, does this look like a man who would fire off cannons for fun? Who would ponder what kind of damage a beer can fired at a house could cause? Who may harbor a secret fantasy of being the small town hero who saves the day when a rogue band of hoodlums attacks out of nowhere?
Yes, yes and yes. This is my dad, he of cannon fame. He’s not actually preparing for battle in this photo, but is dressed for a speech he gave at the local historical society.
When I asked his permission to publish this photo, he said to make sure I let everyone know that he is now the proud owner of four cannons, two small and two big. Here’s his explanation:
Dad: The little ones are just salute cannons to let people know we’re being invaded.
Me: What are the big ones for?
Dad: Invasion.
The big ones haven’t been fired off yet because they need some sort of work done on them first. But the little ones are up and running… and are fired off at any opportunity (holidays, upon request, when strange people walk into the yard, etc.)
I can’t possibly be the only one with a father who mail orders 25 pounds of gunpowder, can I? (We suspect he probably made the FBI’s terrorist watch list for that eBay bid!)
A dad who spends his retirement years golfing, going on cruises or not investing in heavy artillery? Now, THAT would be crazy!


sj said...

it's really kind of too bad that you can see the nametag in this photo....

and they thought those pilgrims were peaceful.

stac said...

we're going to have to drive by your dad's house someday and see if he'll fire off those little cannons for us! then again i should just join the darn historical society since we live in the same town.