Saturday, June 17, 2006


i have no excuse. it's been so long since i posted that my laptop reacted with a "who the hell are you" response. (actually, i had to clear my cache the other day and my blogger log in didn't auto-populate.) but, to make up for it, i'm adding a photo by popular request. bailey, at his cutest, back when he could fit on my lap -- comfortably for both of us, anyway.

i have no excuse, other than the fact that i suck. so, let me recap what you've missed:

1) bachelorette night at the rib-eye steakhouse, which caused me to remember why irish car bombs on a wednesday night are not the best plan.
2) a wedding where i actually witnessed a karaoke performance to "i like big butts"
3) i have learned what kind of underwear my (kind-of) boss wears -- and i wasn't alone in the discovery.
4) bailey has discovered a new way to annoy me at five a.m. and it involves waking me and watching me yawn, and then an impromptu display of affection
5) the setback tally may be somewhere around 423 to 212.
6) more fantastic shoe therapy, including black pinstriped pumps with crocodile toes.

i'm laying on my couch right now, trying to make up for lost blog time. (it's a good thing i have a laptop, otherwise this position would be slightly less comfortable). bails is at my feet, keeping them toasty. my energy has slowly leaked out over the past three days. today is my mom's birthday, and the plan is to sneak over to their house with some flowers and a gift so she has something to come home to. we also have big plans to sneak over their house at ungodly hour a.m. tomorrow to make eggs benedict for my dad. i'll let you know how that turns out.

but, i vow to do better. i swear. otherwise KAT has threatened more Peke-a-poop stories.


stac said...

I was starting to worry about you there!! Sending belated b-day wishes to your mom!

Anonymous said...

SJ- you will have a lot to write after you baby sit your nephew for the day!