Sunday, May 14, 2006

shoes and big hair

i can't explain it, but i seem to have entered a really out-of-character mental phase.

I have an uncontrollable desire to go shoe-shopping. and not just shoe shopping, but bright patent leather red heels with bows on them kind of shoes. i'm not a shoe girl. i regular wear the same ol' brown leather steve madden loafers. but, as you've probably noticed, sometimes, i am struck my random desires to give myself a fashion makeover. i'm about to skip past my jane austen phase and into my retro fashion phase.

i blame claire daines.

you know that game, that people like to play when they meet you for the first time -- the who do you look like game? more than once i've heard claire daines. i told this to j, and he thinks i'm a little nutty. until we rented shopgirl.

and as soon as he saw her, in her plain, retro clothes, with her simple, plain look, he laughed.

"wow. you *are* claire daines."

between that comment, and the comment from my old boss who once referred to me as the cat lady at work -- he meant it in a nice way to describe the way the people in the office follow me around looking for answers, but, the cat lady?

man. i'm the plain cat lady. i need to do something. and right now, red high heels seem to be the thing to fix it.

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