Tuesday, May 16, 2006

you've got to be kidding me.

i work for a small company. let me just put that out there. a small "firm" like company. and oh my lanta do i have days that make me laugh.

(of course, my previous entries also show you that i have days that make me want to quit, but i digress...)

in the course of my small company becoming a bigger company, i've somehow become the number one hr person. this is in no way reflected in my title, job description or day to day operations. but yeah. i do the interviews and resume searching.

so the other day when during the first five minutes of the interview, the interviewee used the word "shitty." i'm not even kidding. and today, i encountered a hand bruiser. i'm not exactly a strong and burly looking woman, so when this former college football player shook my hand, you'd think he'd be a little more gentle.

but no.

he actually bruised my fingers as one of my fingers was crushed against the ring i was wearing. and he proceeded to do this THREE TIMES. first when he was introduced. second when i rejoined him in the conference room to interview him on my own and a third time when i said goodbye.

maybe he thought my tears were somehow unrelated to the vice grip he held me hostage with.

i'm not a fan of the limp fish handshake, but surely we all agree that there is a line. the two handed grip of death should NOT be used during an interview. or at least, not in an interview with a pale reddishhead who looks like a kindergarten teacher.


KAT said...

Tell us who got the job so I know whether to spew profanity or maim the interviewer the next time I'm looking for a job! I think you need to expound on the "shitty" interviewee. I can't believe that was her version of putting her best face forward on an interview!

KAT said...

I once interviewed someone... and found a wet spot on her chair after she left. I think it was something leaking in her purse, but I'm not sure.