Thursday, April 13, 2006

Party like it’s $19.99

I am not a fan of parties. Well, let me clarify. I like the type of parties where I get to enjoy some good food, maybe partake of a few drinks and spend time socializing. I’m NOT a fan of the parties where you get invited to sit through a demonstration, leaf through a catalog and order what is usually overpriced stuff.
I have been to purse parties, candle parties, jewelry parties and kitchen gadget parties (admittedly, I actually liked that last one because I ordered two things that I can’t imagine living without… but let’s not interrupt my ranting with some logic!)
I have very specific taste in jewelry and candles in that both have to be good quality. I wear jewelry on a daily basis and have some pieces that I really love. I did find a couple of pieces I liked at the last jewelry party I attended, but I didn’t have the $100 that was required for the bracelet I liked. And the day I spend $130 on an iron candle stand is the day… well, it’s not going to happen.
And don’t even get me started on purse parties! I’m the type of person who buys one or two purses a year (and they’re only “name brand” if you want to include Nine West as a brand). I also refuse to spend more than $30 on a purse (OK, it’s actually more like $20, but I’m trying not to seem like a complete freak!)
I grudgingly went to a purse party a few years ago thinking I’d be able to find at least one bag I liked. I didn’t understand the concept of such a party so I was REALLY surprised to learn that it was all knock-offs… and even the knock-offs cost at least $60 each!
I guess $60 is a great deal for a purse that looks like a $600 one, but not such a great deal when compared to what I usually spend on a bag. Luckily, SJ was with me and she is also, admittedly, much more hip than me. So she was able to find two nice purses for herself and let me pretend that I was buying one.
The latest craze (and the one that inspired this post) is a “catalog party.” Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It’s actually just someone handing you a catalog and asking you to order stuff. You don’t even get to check out their apartment or eat their food like you would at a regular party!
So, if you’re having a traditional party where I have the chance to meet new people and tell funny stories about my Peekapoo, give me a call. If it’s a party where I have to bring my wallet… I’m busy that day.


sj said...

somewhere on my person, i have a tattoo that says "i am a sucker." i'm not sure where it is, but it may only appear to people who sell things in their living room.

Anonymous said...

What are the two kitchen gadgets you can't imagine living without?

KAT said...

Pampered Chef makes an unbelievable grater that is so much easier to use than the traditional tower one. I was sold when the presenter said it could be used not only for cheese, but for chocolate too. The other purchase was a set of cake pans that are non-stick, but also come with a cool, plastic insert that allows me to make checkerboard cakes with ease. I highly recommend both items.