Friday, April 14, 2006

gone fishing.

my parents have a pond in their backyard. and to celebrate the opening of fishing season, bailey decided to go fishing. and by fishing i mean "take a flying leap into the pond."

now, he's never swam before. so, imagine my shock when i saw my dog completely submerged in the pond. i wasn't sure if i should go after him? or if i should throw a life preserver? happily, i didn't have to think much about it. it didn't take long before bailey was bobbing at the surface, paddling his way back to me.

i'm not sure what this is going to mean to our future visits to bodies of water. but i'm a little nervous.

in other news, i apologize for not posting, work has been crazy, but it's also giving me a tremendous amount of fodder.

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Anonymous said...

Just make sure Molly does not go near the pond.....need I say more??