Monday, April 10, 2006

Beware of the killer Peekapoo

We had our second obedience class for Molly yesterday and she learned some new commands, such as “take it,” “leave it” and “lie down.” She and the other dog in the class, a Pomeranian named Tasha, did pretty well with the commands and didn’t get too distracted by each other or everything else going on around them.
The trouble came at the end of the class when we let Molly and Tasha off of their leashes so they could play. Molly has only met dogs that are much, much bigger than her so I was curious to see how she’d do with someone her own size. The two of them sniffed, chased each other and went after a ball and all was fine… until Molly grabbed Tasha’s tail in her mouth and began dragging the poor dog around after her. The class came in handy as we tried to command, “Molly, leave it, leave Tasha!” through our laughter.
So our daughter knows how to stick up for herself and wasn’t the one getting dragged around in such a humiliating way. Is it bad that I’m kind of proud of her?

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