Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Polly want a ....?

There’s a story on about the bunker supplies found in the Brooklyn Bridge, and it prompted me with another “how crazy are our fathers?” moment.

For YEARS we had these crackers in our barn. We used them to feed the animals as treats, and played with them ad infinitum. Cracker soup, cracker stew, cracker tea party with the sheep and goats, etc.

Eventually, my dad crawled up in the barn, gathered his remaining tins, and sold them on eBay. (How funny would it have been if KAT’s dad was the one who bought them?)

But OH MY GOD! 10,000 calories?! Talk about your anti-Saltine! Good LORD that’s a lot of calories for a cracker. And this is before you slather on the PB.

And yes, we did actually try them, I think on a dare. I don’t exactly remember the taste, just that they were really, really stale. But my goodness. That one bite was probably an entire cheesecake.

I feel so duped. And a little grossed out since I was trying stale highly caloric crackers 10 years after they were ordered destroyed because some were found to be rancid.


Anonymous said...

Oh this made me laugh so hard. I remember eating these and feeding them to the animals!! I wonder WHO would have bought them on EBAY-- and did they EAT them?

stac said...

This has got to take the cake for the craziest thing your dad has ever sold on Ebay!